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We have two foundational goals: 1. Make RV dealerships better, and 2. Have fun doing it. With a passion for the RV Industry, we exist to Serve each other, our dealer partners, and their customers. As the RV F&I Authority, our relentless pursuit of results has led to Industry Records in every quantifiable Team Performance Metric in Dealership F&I.

Our work with 100+ dealerships has produced F&I Gross Profit at a PVR rate of more than double the Industry Average, increasing dealership net income, while simultaneously setting Industry Standards in Dealership F&I Compliance, Customer Satisfaction, and Employee Retention.

What makes us better than our competition? Well, we're not better than them in every category, but we're better than we were 6 months ago, and we'll be better 6 months from now. Together, with our partners, we're climbing the RV F&I ladder.

RDS is not for everyone. However, if you're an RV dealer that hasn't reached the peak in F&I, but you're passionate about climbing higher, we'd love to hear about your dealership. We'd love to climb the RV F&I mountain with you. Call us today!

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