Andrea Zappia

Andrea Headshot.png

Andrea is totally comfortable whipping offices into shape; she has twelve years of experience in education!  If you need a pen, she’s got one—or twelve hundred, in all different colors.  And if you need to get organized, look no further, because she has a planner for every week, season, and hobby.  She’ll only let you in the office if you show her a picture of your dog. #dogs4lyfe

Andrea is passionate about helping people (and their dogs!)


Bradley Headshot_edited.jpg

Coming from the hospital industry, Dr. Taylor has an extensive collection of scrubs and crocs (socks optional).  He doesn't boast about his football accomplishments, but he never lets us forget that he did win a National Championship on a full-ride scholarship.  If you stumble upon a massive man dressed in Viking garb, you may have just met Bradley.  

Bradley is passionate about mastering the art of finance.

Chessie zappia


Can you read?  If so, check out  If not, don't.

Chessie is a lettuce connoisseur.  She doesn't discriminate.  Iceberg, Crisphead, Butterhead, Batavia, Leaf, Romaine, Arugula, Frisee, Mache, Radicchio, Mizuna, Cress, Endive, Boston, Little Gem, etc. all make it into her bowl.  She eats lettuce more ways than Bubba Gump eats shrimp.

Chessie is passionate about creating things that will change people's lives.


dave abrams

Dave Headshot_edited.png

“Steady Eddie” here likes to talk. A lot.  Fortunately, Dave’s extensive military and travel experiences make him a mildly interesting lunch companion.  However, don’t take him anywhere that serves cheese.  He’s not allergic to it.  He just doesn’t like it.  Un-American?  No.  Un-RDS?  Debatable.  If this issue was an aversion to peanut butter, we’d be having a much different conversation about his place on the team.


Dave is passionate about living life to the fullest.


Dom headshot.jfif

Dom loves to be on the road visiting our dealer partners, despite the fact that he despises everything travel related.  If you happen to find yourself seated next to Dom on a plane, please follow these simple steps: 

1.  Excessively crinkle your bag of Cheezits

2.  Be sure to take off your shoes. 

3.  Headphones are for losers - he loves to hear your movie.

Dom feels getting a free upgrade is a real accomplishment and would appreciate if you donated any unused miles to him.  

Dom is passionate about coaching.



Jamison just wants to be an RV F&I guy when he grows up.  His top priority is his team – as long as they’re performing at an extremely high level.  He’s excited to grow RDS so he can help support others, including his family's unfortunate obsession with rodeo.  


Jamison is passionate about connecting people.


Jay Nelson Headshot_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Everyone enjoys being on the road with Jay - not because he is much fun, but because he has the best restaurant recommendations, regardless of location.  Jay has a collection of sneakers in every highlighter color imaginable.  If you haven't already heard, Jay recently earned "Silver" status with Delta.  Say hi when you see him in the SkyClub.  


Jay is passionate about helping people improve their craft.  

josh burford

Josh Headshot.png

Has Josh told you about his 350,000-mile truck yet?  No?  Don’t worry…he will.  You know a guy with a nickname like “Burf” must-have facial hair that would make Ron Swanson proud.  A sweet beard is a great compliment to someone who fancies themselves a master huntsman as Josh does.  Unfortunately, the former doesn’t make you any better at the latter.  He’ll take the “turf ‘n turf” combo, please, and consume it all at the same time because he’s an American.


Josh is passionate about helping others.

larry bird

Larry Bird Headshot.jpeg

He may not know he’s a part of the team, but he’s used as the customer in every demonstration we give.  We often wonder if Larry Legend likes peanut butter, Mexican for lunch, or the color orange.  Speaking of orange, he would have won a 4th championship with the Celtics if he could have convinced them to change their team color.  #winnerswearorange


Mr. Bird, if you someday find yourself in downtown Indy and want to meet some fans, come see us at 707 E. North #800!

Lori Diloreto


I know Lori.  You know Lori.  Everyone in automotive knows Lori!  You’d think dealers are happy to see Lori because the only thing bigger than her outgoing personality is her pair of sunglasses.  However, her fame is all about the pens.  Lori “earned” her title of the Pen Queen of the car business.  No matter the logo she represents, Lori comes packing the BEST writing utensil a dealer could wish for.  A perfect grip and fluid, no-mess gel lead to effortless writing.  She’s never had a dealer partner complain of arthritis.


Lori is passionate about spending time with her family and developing career relationships.

shane Seys

Shane Headshot.png

Shane lives in Tampa Bay, FL.  Which one of these real-life headlines is him?
a)      Florida Man Trapped in Unlocked Closet for Two Days
b)      Florida Man Driving With Clown Mannequin Had Live Grenade in His Pickup Truck
c)      Florida Man Jumps Into Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank in South Florida
d)      Florida Man Protects His Car From Hurricane Dorian by Parking It Inside His Kitchen
e)      Lame Dad Joke Gets Florida Man Banned From Disney World for Life
Shane is passionate about his family and helping others grow.

tony dyer

Tony Headshot_edited.png

You may have heard of “Touchdown” Tony Dyer from his weekly football podcast if you’re one of the 43 unique listeners that have tuned in over the past 3 years.  The other 334,659,927 Americans have no idea who this guy is.  That includes the rest of us here at RDS.  Honestly, we’re glad to have Tony on the team.  Dom has been the RDS punching bag for far, far too long.


Tony is passionate about meeting new people and hearing their stories.