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Coming from the hospital industry, Dr. Taylor has an extensive collection of scrubs and crocs (socks optional).  He doesn't boast about his football accomplishments, but he never lets us forget that he did win a National Championship on a full-ride scholarship.  If you stumble upon a massive man dressed in Viking garb, you may have just met Bradley.  

Bradley is passionate about mastering the art of finance.

Chessie Zappia



Can you read?  If so, check out  If not, don't.

Chessie is a lettuce connoisseur.  She doesn't discriminate.  Iceberg, Crisphead, Butterhead, Batavia, Leaf, Romaine, Arugula, Frisee, Mache, Radicchio, Mizuna, Cress, Endive, Boston, Little Gem, etc. all make it into her bowl.  She eats lettuce more ways than Bubba Gump eats shrimp.

Chessie is passionate about creating things that will change people's lives.

Dave Abrams



“Steady Eddie” here likes to talk. A lot.  Fortunately, Dave’s extensive military and travel experiences make him a mildly interesting lunch companion.  However, don’t take him anywhere that serves cheese.  He’s not allergic to it.  He just doesn’t like it.  Un-American?  No.  Un-RDS?  Debatable.  If this issue was an aversion to peanut butter, we’d be having a much different conversation about his place on the team.


Dave is passionate about living life to the fullest.

Dom Zappia



Dom loves to be on the road visiting our dealer partners, despite the fact that he despises everything travel related.  If you happen to find yourself seated next to Dom on a plane, please follow these simple steps: 

1.  Excessively crinkle your bag of Cheezits

2.  Be sure to take off your shoes. 

3.  Headphones are for losers - he loves to hear your movie.

Dom feels getting a free upgrade is a real accomplishment and would appreciate if you donated any unused miles to him.  

Dom is passionate about coaching.

Gary Dean


Gary is the resident RDS grill master.  Burgers, brats, steaks, chops and even squirrels from his back yard make it to the coals.  While Gary is working the grill, he’s being cheered on by his fan club of tiny dogs Bella, Gia, and Turner.  They’re just so impressed that Gary won the bodybuilding championship title of Mr. Indiana in 2002 (Google "Gary Dean Mr. Indiana MySpace").  However, he’d gladly trade that crown if he could be the king of Chihuahua land.

Jamison Carrier


Jamison just wants to be an RV F&I guy when he grows up.  His top priority is his team – as long as they’re performing at an extremely high level.  He’s excited to grow RDS so he can help support others, including his family's unfortunate obsession with rodeo.  


Jamison is passionate about connecting people.

Josh Burford



Has Josh told you about his 350,000-mile truck yet?  No?  Don’t worry…he will.  You know a guy with a nickname like “Burf” must-have facial hair that would make Ron Swanson proud.  A sweet beard is a great compliment to someone who fancies themselves a master huntsman as Josh does.  Unfortunately, the former doesn’t make you any better at the latter.  He’ll take the “turf ‘n turf” combo, please, and consume it all at the same time because he’s an American.


Josh is passionate about helping others.


Larry Bird Headshot.jpeg

He may not know he’s a part of the team, but he’s used as the customer in every demonstration we give.  We often wonder if Larry Legend likes peanut butter, Mexican for lunch, or the color orange.  Speaking of orange, he would have won a 4th championship with the Celtics if he could have convinced them to change their team color.  #winnerswearorange

Mr. Bird, if you someday find yourself in downtown Indy and want to meet some fans, come see us at 707 E. North #800!

Larry is Passionate about winning.

Reed Neff



Billy is originally from The Sunshine State, but we couldn’t have ANOTHER Florida man on the team, so we asked him to move to Kentucky.  Fun fact…Billy’s grandfather, father, Billy (duh), and his son are all named Billy.  All were born and passed away in the month of February. Nobody on the team is allowed to travel with him the second month of the year.  When he’s not on the road serving our dealer partners, you’ll find him raising chickens, keeping 514,338 bees (he counted), or spending time with his family on his property outside Louisville, KY.  Billyho manželka a rodina si myslí, že je nejlepší!


Billy is passionate about being a great husband and father.

Reggy Huddleston



You’d think living in Portland Reggy would be an avid coffee drinker, but her drink of choice is an ice-cold Diet Pepsi…for breakfast.  She believes the sasquatch exists, which is understandable since they are known to live in her area.  Reggy, who actually prefers to be called Reginald, is a challenge for her RDS teammates because she typically skips lunch.  What?! Unacceptable.  At least she likes Mexican food and peanut butter.

Reggy is passionate about being in the moment and helping others.

Ryan Bland


Ryan- don't let his last name fool you... because he's anything but Bland.  He drinks his water neat...and when he really wants to get wild, he might even add some ice.  His rockstar lifestyle includes cheering on his Colts while enjoying a nice TV Dinner, sitting in traffic, and paying bills. Outside of all the craziness he enjoys relaxing by playing golf and spending time with his kids and girlfriend. Ryan is passionate about creating and implementing systems that drive results. 




Shane lives in Tampa Bay, FL.  Which one of these real-life headlines is him?
a)  Florida Man Trapped in Unlocked Closet for Two Days
b)  Florida Man Driving With Clown Mannequin Had Live     Grenade in His Pickup Truck
c)  Florida Man Jumps Into Bass Pro Shops Tank in South Florida
d) Florida Man Protects His Car From Hurricane Dorian by Parking It Inside His Kitchen
e) Lame Dad Joke Gets Florida Man Banned From Disney World for Life

Shane is passionate about his family and helping others grow.




You may have heard of “Touchdown” Tony Dyer from his weekly football podcast if you’re one of the 43 unique listeners that have tuned in over the past 3 years.  The other 334,659,927 Americans have no idea who this guy is.  That includes the rest of us here at RDS.  Honestly, we’re glad to have Tony on the team.  Dom has been the RDS punching bag for far, far too long.


Tony is passionate about meeting new people and hearing their stories.




Don’t let her mild manor fool you, Abby rules the office with a blue fist that’s made of iron.  Her main skills include turning on the coffee pot, ordering snacks, and stocking supplies. Seriously, this lady is talented.  Abby spends much of her time in the office daydreaming about practicing her photography skills or working in the garden.   In all seriousness, we’re going to stop right here.  Abby handles payroll.  Did we mention we're grateful for her?


Abby is passionate about her family (blood & chosen), self-improvement, and the environment.



Jason Headshot.png

DJ J.P. is the freshest member of Team RDS.  Jason is full of smiles and good times when bumping old school hip-hop from his shoulder mounted boombox.  He’s guaranteed to show up with his shoe color matching something else he’s wearing…which he would prefer to be his shirt, two sizes smaller than necessary.  The energy level instantly increases when he shows up to your dealership, ready to deliver results.


Jason is passionate about spending time with his family and bleeding Indianapolis Colts blue.

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