“We had the right people in place.  A few hours with the Relentless Team revealed to us that we lacked the right process and we didn’t have clear, high expectations. Our 8-store dealer group saw immediate results. We saw our net income quickly increase by 40%. The RDS team showed us results we hadn’t imagined.” 


“We struggled to find the right people. We eventually convinced ourselves that the talent wasn’t in our market. The Relentless Team helped us learn how to find the talent, and how to identify the traits we were looking for. We now have ethical, talented, and driven team members who have made winning a lot easier!”  


“Our group was good at F&I, but we wanted to be great. The Relentless Team helped us set clear, detailed expectations. Then, they gave us a map to success. The next level came into view and we reached it. Our expectations have increased again – a new peak! Our team is having fun and making more money than they’ve ever made before. Our dealer group is making more money, too!” 


"RDS was able to help us increase our gross profit in finance by over $1 million in the first year alone.  This put us easily in the #1 spot in our dealer group.  By changing our finance process and helping us identify, hire, and retain top talent we increased the year over year dealership net profit by 25% on the same number of unit sales!"


"Just offering a few additional backend products and restructuring our menu presentation drastically increased our margin.  Our customers come out of finance happier and with a better understanding of their protections.  And, we are making more money!  Without RDS we wouldn't have known this was possible."


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